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Thank you for your interest in working with me to promote your business.

What is FunkyEllas Travel?

My website, FunkyEllas Travel, focuses on promoting Scotland to the rest of the world. I review and write about attractions, accommodation, restaurants and events, specifically places out of the ordinary and a bit “Funky”. I want my readers to view Scotland as a must visit destination and my objective is to show Scotland as a stunning, fun and interesting place to be.

Frances Colliery, Kirkcaldy

Why the name “FunkyEllas”?

Ella was my Aunt, who recently passed away. Before she died she told me about her trips around Scotland and abroad. She was passionate about Scotland and spent several years working in Falkland Palace, as well as owning a flower shop in St Andrews. She always told me to not waste time doing thing I thought I should be doing, instead I was to focus on things that made me happy. She was a huge inspiration and I wanted to honor her by using her name for my website. The “Funky” part is not so interesting, it’s just a word I like!


I began my website in April 2014 and since then have been growing a steady readership. The majority of my followers come almost equally from the UK and USA with Canada and Europe close behind. The gender of my readers are split 52% male 48% female.

I write for Welcome to Fife and am also a Contributor/Author on Cool Places UK, currently compiling a “Best of Fife” Guide. I have my photographs published in the Fife Free Press, Glenrothes Gazette and St Andrews Gazette. I am also a Pathfinder blogger for Lonely Planet.

Samples of my work

The Wemyss Caves

Mitchells, St Andrews

Top 10 reasons to visit Edinburgh for New Year

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 15.01.17


Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 15.03.02

Freelance Writing

 Like what I write? Let me write a story for your publication. Whether it is 500 words or 5000, I can help. I can also include some beautiful photos from my back catalogue.

Press Trips

A sponsored press trip would involve me travelling to your Scottish destination then showcasing it to the world, helping increase your visitor numbers through social media promotion, high quality photographs and blogs. I review attractions, accommodation and restaurants for several websites so can include your destination on these websites also.

Product reviews

I am happy to review products as long as they fit in with the purpose of my website, which promotes Scotland as a fun, beautiful, action packed country to visit. If you have a product you would like me to review, contact me at This would include a full review as well as coverage on all social media channels.


Social Media Campaigns

Social Media sites are an excellent way to promote your business. With in-depth experience of all the major players I can teach you how, from the beginning, to set up your social media accounts, and how to use them to your advantage. Please contact me on to discuss how I can help you in your specific area.


I do not offer advertising space on my website, sorry.

St Andrews

To arrange working with me please email me at


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