About Me


I’m Nicola and I’m  a Travel Blogger and Photographer based in Fife,  Scotland. I travel around Scotland, searching out beautiful sunrises, hidden gems, amazing food and fascinating tales. I like to find things a bit different, unusual and a bit funky. I hope to inspire readers to visit Scotland, to climb mountains in the Highlands, to swim in the Lochs, to spend a night out in Edinburgh, to search for wildlife in the wilderness up north, to discover our gripping history by visiting our many stunning castles and ancient villages, to listen to our spellbinding stories of ghosts and fairies. I want people to come to Scotland to try the delectable local foods, in charming little cafes and michelin star restaurants, to visit the rolling hills, enchanting rivers, and mysterious forests used in countless movies and TV shows, to experience the hustle and bustle and unique atmosphere of Glasgow, where modern architecture meets Victorian and where the world class shopping is as impressive as their remarkable array of Art Galleries, I want people to experience getting lost in the winding cobbles alleyways of Edinburgh’s Old Town, to spend the evening with drinks in St Andrews square or to see a top class musical in the city’s Playhouse. I want people to come, stay and enjoy and if anyone needs any help contact me and ill be happy to answer.

Anything else you would like to know, feel free to tweet  me, send me a message on Facebook, or send me a message here


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