Miami Day Trip

We only visited Miami for the day while we were in Orlando, as part of a group tour. It involved a very long four hour bus journey only made bearable by the two hilarious tour guides on board who regaled us with tales of their time in Florida and kept us all entertained.

ImageDouglas the tour guide 🙂

We spent the morning in Bayside down by the waterfront, looking around the outdoor shopping mall then we done the boat cruise around Star island and Fisher island to see the homes of Rosy O’donnell, P Diddy etc. These houses are like nothing you have every seen before, the biggest most luxurious mansions that exist, including the home of Viagra inventor, Philip Green, who transported the tall straight (!) palm trees for £10,000 each to line the front of his land. Star island is a gated community and Fisher Island doesn’t even have a road leading onto it, it can only be accessed by boat or helicopter! The cruise was good, fab views over the Miami skyline, beautiful boat and a chance to see how these celebrities really live.



Remember this from the “Big” movie? 




Image The house where “Scarface” was filmed

Image Gloria Estefan’s two houses!(one is her recording studio)


P Diddy’s House, or rather his security hut, his house is deliberately hidden behind the trees

ImageThose tall, straight, expensive trees

We then went for lunch, most of the tour group went to a gorgeous little Cuban restaurant with the guides, but as a big hard rock café fan, we went there instead to try their local burger (pineapple) The main reason, really, was to see Michael Jackson’s thriller jacket, but my luck being my luck they were renovating and the whole collection was in storage!


Next up we went back on the bus over the McArthur causeway to South Beach where we walked up to Washington Avenue to have a look at the Kardashians store and Miami ink. It was quite a rough street actually but once back down at the waterfront, it’s everything you would expect, truly beautiful. We had enough time to walk along the beach and have a play in the water, as well as filling my juice bottle with sand to take home (don’t ask). It was a bit surreal after watching Miami on the TV, it really is filled with people who would never dream of leaving the house without full slap and men who look like they spend their entire lives at the gym.

ImageMiami Ink Tattoo Shop






Ahh yes Scottish people, they really are doing yoga on the beach!

I never got to see everything I wanted to, but I love these day trips, it’s just enough time to decide if you like what you see, and decide if you want to come back. I can’t wait to get back to Miami, There are loads of things I still want to do and I must try that Cuban restaurant!


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